Playing by Different Rules Makes No Sense

On Thursday Joel Sherman wrote a piece in the New York Post about killing the 25-man roster. (You can read his article by clicking here) And though there seems to be more and more discussion lately on making changes to the rules when it comes to roster size I think the conversation needs to change.

Many baseball people think there should be limits on how many pitchers a team can use in games or expanding rosters or as Sherman pointed out allowing starting pitchers to be active on rosters only when they are pitching that day. None of this really matters in the grand scheme of things. The 25-man roster is not a perfect system, but no system ever will be and I have no problem with the current system.

Where I do have a problem, when it comes to rosters, is in September. All season long teams are able to have 25 active players on their roster and then suddenly September comes and rosters expand to 40. How does this make sense at all? The game is played differently in September then it is played the other months of the season. There is no other professional sport that I know of that has different roster restrictions for one month out of their regular season. We need to eliminate 40-man rosters in September. Let the games at the end of the season be played under the same rules as the rest of the year.

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