Top 10 Longest Championshipless Streaks in MLB

With all the hype around the Indians and Cubs potentially having a shot to end their World Series Championship drought we thought we would take a look at that top 10 longest winless streaks in MLB.

(And yes we know that Championshipless is not a word, but who cares because it sounds cool.)

Seasons Team Last championship won Last World Series appearance
107 Chicago Cubs 1908 1945
67 Cleveland Indians 1948 1997
55 Texas Rangers never (franchise began 1961) 2011
54 Houston Astros never (franchise began 1962) 2005
47 Milwaukee Brewers never (franchise began 1969) 1982
47 San Diego Padres never (franchise began 1969) 1998
47 Washington Nationals never (franchise began 1969) never
39 Seattle Mariners never (franchise began 1977) never
36 Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 1979
32 Baltimore Orioles 1983 1983

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