Rules shouldn’t change after nine innings

Every year Major League Baseball considers rule changes that are designed to tweak the game in one way or another to make it more appealing to the masses. This year however MLB is going too far.

Recently MLB announced that they will test a new rule in the minors that effects games that go in to extra innings. Their proposal, to start extra innings with a runner already on second base as reported by Yahoo Sports.

Major League Baseball already plays by different rules at different times of the season, but now they want to have different rules for different parts of the game? I am all for putting the best product on the field, but this is going way too far and is changing the way the game is played.

I respect Rob Manfred and the top guys in the MLB offices, but whoever came up with this idea should be ashamed of themselves. Any rule that changes how a game is played in the middle of a game is ridiculous and should never even be mentioned. You want to tweak the strike zone or the intentional walk, ok, as long as it is the same throughout the entire game and the entire season.

That’s my thoughts, what do you think about this proposed rule change?

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