Say Goodbye to Brad Ziegler

Today Brad Ziegler announced his retirement from baseball. Ziegler played 11 season in the big leagues for multiples teams, but today I am asking myself will anyone remember him five years from now?

This is not a knock on Brad Ziegler, it is more of a statement on relievers and their placeziegler in history. Now some may remember Ziegler as that guy who had a weird delivery or because of his unique last name, but other than that will he have a lasting place in your mind?

Relievers in general are not memorable. They serve a purpose eating up innings in the mid to late innings of a game, but most of them are in the bullpen because they are not all that special. Most relievers will not be remembered five years after retirement, not just Brad Ziegler.

In addition to pointing out how irrelevant relievers are this should also show us how truly special guys like Mariano Rivera, Craig Kimbrel, Aroldis Chapman or Troy Percival are. Each of which were special players who are going to remembered long after they say good bye to the game.

So, good bye Brad Ziegler and good luck in whatever your future holds. Sorry I won’t remember you in five years, but that’s the life of a reliever.

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