New Financial Trend in Baseball?

If I told you the Tampa Bay Rays would be tied for the second best record in baseball (based on win percentage) after around 30 games would you have said I was crazy? Maybe not, but I doubt you would have gone to Las Vegas and put money on it. It is true though.

Currently the Rays are tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the second best record in majors, with the Minnesota Twins holding the top spot. Cardinal are not a surprising team to see near the top, but the Twins and Rays might be. What is even more interesting is when you look at the financials. Minnesota and Tampa Bay are both below the league average in 2019 total payroll. Minnesota is 18th on the list while the Rays are dead last.

My question to you the baseball enthusiast is are we seeing a new trend beginning to appear where teams who build a team on the cheap with young talent and a group of role players is able to not only compete, but dominate?

Of the top five spending teams in MLB only one, the Los Angeles Dodgers, leads their division and the biggest spender, Boston Red Sox, aren’t even over .500. It is still early in the baseball season, but this presumptive trend is surely something I will be keeping an eye on and you should to.

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