Yankees IL Payroll Tops the Rays

In a season where the New York Yankees have already lost to the Injured List Miguel Andujar, Dellin Betances, Greg Bird, Jacoby Ellsbury, Clint Frazier, Didi Gregorious, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton you would think fans would be jumping off bridges because the season would be over, but you would be dead wrong.

Even though the Yankees Injured List payroll currently sits at over $81 million, that is around $20 million more than the Rays entire payroll, their season has not come crashing down on them. In fact the Yankees are only two and half games back of the Rays and are four games up on the mighty Boston Red Sox. Obviously I have to get the Red Sox in to any article about the Yankees just because of their rivalry.

Is the unexpected performance of the Yankees a sign that they are destine to win dominate when healthy? Maybe or maybe not, but what it does go to show is that just because you spend big doesn’t mean you can expect big results. How does it show that, well their active roster is only eighth in spending yet they still hold the third best record in the American League. Maybe they get better when they get healthy, but maybe not.

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